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God and healing

Staubbach Waterfall  near Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
Staubbach Waterfall near Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

You are warmly welcomed to attend an online lecture entitled

God and healing

A talk by Robert Gilbert CSB, a Christian Science healer and teacher.

The lecture:
The lecturer gives an easy to understand approach to the healing impact of a solid knowledge about God. The ARK Noah used for preserving creature provides likewise a symbol for protection:
A Allay the fear
R Reverse the things to be threatening
K Know the reason why. .

You find the lecture here.

Robert Gilbert CSB
Robert Gilbert CSB

The lecturer:

Robert Gilbert, CSB

Although a life-long Christian Scientist, I didn’t embrace it fully until I had to deal with a number of challenges in college. After graduation, I was accepted into The Mother Church chaplain training program, attended seminary, and had a variety of assignments in the Army, including military prisons, hospitals, and a tour of duty in Vietnam. The public practice of healing naturally evolved and I became listed in the Journal in 1976. After completing active duty, my wife and I moved to California, where we raised two sons.

Becoming Committee on Publication for Southern California taught me how divine Love protects and promotes the Cause of Christian Science and teaches us how to correct misconceptions. One memorable project involved the co-production of two educational videos for medical nursing schools and hospitals, answering commonly asked questions about the practice of spiritual healing. I worked closely with healthcare professionals interested in these issues. These experiences, and previously working with various ministers in the military, tended to break down and remove “us” and “them” kind of thinking. This evolved into overseeing at Church headquarters in Boston the interface between spiritual healing and medicine. The experience also strengthened my lecturing work.

Year by year, learning more of the universal significance of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation and its healing power, created a desire to become a teacher of Christian Science: to develop an Association of students that is a force in bringing healing to mankind. I took Normal class in 1988.

More talks about prayer and healing at www.PrayerThatHeals.org . He has found that prayer and a deep understanding of God are a reliable way to maintain health and experience healing.


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