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The healing perspective of Christian Science

Evan Mehlenbacher CSB from Richland WA, USA
Evan Mehlenbacher CSB from Richland WA, USA

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The healing perspective of Christian Science


Evan Mehlenbacher, CSB from Richland, WA, USA

Richland, Washington USA — Conviction and purpose are what guide the life and career of healer and speaker Evan Mehlenbacher. Growing up in a family that practiced spiritual healing, it was natural for Evan to choose a life of helping others find spiritual answers to their everyday problems.

After receiving a BA in economics from Stanford University, Evan joined the family business — a large farming venture in Washington State that included apple, plum, and cherry orchards. Along with the daily challenges of operating a business, Evan was on a spiritual pursuit for answers to such questions as, “What makes life worth living? How can I be of help to others?”

A highlight for Evan was seeing the effect of prayer at work in his daily life — in resolving conflict among personnel on the ranch, learning how to run a business successfully, overcoming threats to health, and helping others. While farming, he was asked to visit an elderly woman who was almost immobilized by arthritis. Evan sat and prayed with her. The woman soon reported a lessening of pain and stiffness. She was so impressed with her ability to walk freely again that she told her friends. People started to call Evan to pray for them, and his public practice of healing through the power of prayer was born.

Five years after graduating from Stanford he married, made a career change, and began the full-time practice of Christian Science healing. Today Evan travels widely inspiring audiences with spiritual perspective that helps them find better health, live a happier life, and improve the world they live in.

He is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science. Evan and his wife Kathy have two college-aged children and live in Richland, Washington.

About the lecture: The healing perspective of Christian Science

This lecture explains how the spiritual perspective of Christian Science leads to more effective healing through prayer. It brings out the unique discovery Mary Baker Eddy made of how to heal through prayer like Jesus Christ expected his followers to heal. It clears up frequent misunderstandings people have about the practice of Christian Science, and it illustrates how understanding the power and presence of God overcomes evil and empowers prayer to bring healing results.

The lecture has been held on June 7, 2016 at the Hotel Warwick in Geneva. We provide you here a video recording of the same lecture, held in London. The audience got a simultanous translation into French. We plan to provide a record of this als Audio MP3 soon.

You find the lecture here.

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