Association for the Promotion of Nursing

The Förderverein für christlich-wissenschaftliches Pflegen in der Schweiz (Association for the Promotion of Christian Science Nursing in Switzerland) is an association according to the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) Art. 60 ff. with its headquarters in Zurich. The Förderverein für christlich-wissenschaftliche Pflege in der Schweiz is an independent, non-profit organisation that promotes Christian Science Nursing by facilitating the availability of Christian Science Nursing according to The Manual of the Mother Church (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston MA, USA). Our goal: No one should be excluded from Christian Science Nursing for financial reasons.

The Association has a website where you can find more information.

Postal address
Förderverein für christlich-wissenschaftliches Pflegen
Association for the Promotion of Christian Science Nursing
8032 Zurich


Nurses Listed in Switzerland and Neighbouring Countries:
Listed nurses in Switzerland
Listed nurses in Germany
Listed nurses in France

«Maison d'Accueil» in Bursins at Lake Geneva

Mission and Website


The mission of Le Verger is to welcome all those who want to put into practice the healing action of the Christ as related in the Bible and practiced by Jesus, then demonstrated and explained by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Le Verger is also a place for rest and study and an opportunity for residents. Further information on the homepage.

Maison d'Accueil
Rte de Saint-Vincent 10
CH-1183 Bursins

Tel.: +41 21 822 01 26



Map and access

Bursins is served by postal bus service connecting Rolle and Gland via Bursins. Line 835.

Rolle is served by Regio-Express trains every 30 minutes. From Lausanne the journey time is 22 minutes, from Geneva 25 minutes. These trains offer direct connections beyond Lausanne to Vevey. Exact departure and arrival times can be found at To check the full range of services, enter Bursins, Rte de Saint-Vincent 10 as your destination and you will be shown all the drop-off points in the area.

Site map and Access from CFF train station

In Rolle or Gland use the postal service 835 until the stop Bursins, Village. From there you reach the Maison d'Accueil via Rue de l'Eglise in 5 minutes (350m).


Christian Scientists organise a camp every two years ( independently of the church) for young people who live together for a fortnight on the basis of Christian Science and study it daily. Visit the website for more information.

Committee on Publication for Christian Science (COP)


The Committee on Publication (COP) is the person who is responsible for public relations. It is available to journalists and political authorities, ecclesiastical and administrative entities to answer questions relating to Christian Science and its Church.

Mary Baker Eddy has defined the function of the COP as follows: «It shall be the duty of the Committe on Publication to correct in a Christian manner impositions on the public in regard to Christian Science, injustices done Mrs Eddy or members of this Church by the daily press, by periodicals or circulated literature of any sort.»
Manual of the Mother Church, Article XXXIII Section 2

Committee on Publication for German speaking Switzerland


Committee on Publication for Suisse Romande and Ticino


Committee on Publication for Germany

Committee on Publication for Austria

Committee on Publication for France

Committee on Publication for Italy