The following publications can be called under the indicated internet addresses and are also available in the reading rooms of the Christian Science churches and associations (see addresses in the Journal and the Herald or under Churches and Societies, Reading Rooms).

Mary Baker Eddy
  • Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
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  • Other Writings
  • Unity of Good

You find further information about Mary Baker Eddy's life and work with the following link:

The book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is also available in book shops:

  • Paperback: ISBN 0-87952-145-7 CHF 35.-
  • Clothbound: ISBN 0-87952-146-5 CHF 45.-

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  • The Christian Science Monitor (Internet Edition, permanently updated, English) under:
  • The Christian Science Monitor World Edition (weekly, English)
For Study
  • Weekly Bible Lessons (quarterly, various languages)
  • Weekly Bible Lessons, Full Text Edition (monthly in English)
  • Weekly Bible Lessons, Full Text Edition (quarterly in French)
  • You can listen to this weeks Bible Lesson by selecting the webcast from The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston. The webcast includes a video where the text is displayed on screen simultanously. You can subscribe to this service. To access this convenience, you need the Real Player or the Windows Media Player and a ADSL Internet connection. The Link is: You can also subscribe to PDF and different Audio-Versions on this site.
  • Would you like have background information and application ideas for this weeks Bible Lesson? For this purpose you find metaphysical notes here: Metaphysical Notes for the Bible Lesson.
Overview on the Internet

The website provides a collection of video clips in which people share their personal experiences in Christian Science. It is a window through which the public can view the impact of Christian Science on people's lives and better understand the practice of spiritual healing.

Young People

Young people find an adequate platform on

to find answers to their questions from a Christian Science perspective. The site provides manifold information:

  • Videos and podcasts
  • Blogs and articles
  • Discussion forums
  • Church resources
  • University activities
  • Events

The Mother Church and You. We’re a community of youth and youthful thinkers around the globe united by the healing mission of Christian Science.

Join our community of healers. Read the blogs, listen to the weekly podcast lectures. Discuss spiritual ideas and solutions to a wide range of life challenges with other young people and youthful thinkers from around the globe.

Inspiring blogs and podcast lectures on topics on a wide range of topics such as eating disorders, stress, depression, and sensuality, as well as a place to discuss them online are all found at Visit our community of healers and join in on the fun.

We invite you to have a look.


Our magazines

Journal, Sentinel, and Herald nameplates

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The groundbreaking ideas of Christian Science are based on Christ Jesus’ works and teachings, and show that Christian healing is relevant, vibrant, and transforming thought today.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, started three magazines in response to an age that continues to reach out for spiritual answers that heal and satisfy. Over the past 130 years, tens of thousands of articles and accounts of healing have been published, putting on record the evidence of Christian healing as practiced in Christian Science.

The Christian Science Journal, a monthly magazine, was founded in 1883 with the mission to “put on record the divine Science of Truth.” In Mary Baker Eddy’s words, the “Journal is designed to bring health and happiness to all households wherein it is permitted to enter, and to confer increased power to be good and to do good.”

In 1898, the weekly Christian Science Sentinel was founded with the mission to "hold guard over Truth, Life, and Love." Today, the Sentinel watches over current issues and trends, showing how the healing power of Truth, Life, and Love activates, uplifts, and transforms people’s lives.

The Herald of Christian Science is a monthly magazine dedicated to proclaiming “the universal activity and availability of Truth” and sharing Christian Science with the world. This magazine carries the proof that there are no cultural, language, or geographic barriers to the healing practice of Christian Science. Originally published in German in 1903, The Herald of Christian Science is now available in many other languages as well, including French, Portuguese, and Spanish.


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What is Concord?

Concord is a study software tool you can access on the internet which allows you to research ideas and citations from the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings and the Christian Science hymnals. Concord also allows you to organize and save lists of citations for your own research and study, as well as being a valuable tool to assist Readers in Christian Science churches in preparing their Sunday and Wednesday services.



Welcome to Concord, an expansive study resource that enables you to dig deeper into the essential writings of Christian Science — search words and key passages, read and annotate the books with your own notes, and compile and organize citations within your Notebook. Concord includes:

The King James Version of the Holy Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, Eddy’s other writings, the Christian Science Hymnal with the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement: Hymns 430–603, together with a Hymn Player.

  • Search quickly for any single word, word combination, or word root
  • Navigate books simply by clicking on a chapter or citation, scrolling through the pages, or jumping to a specific page using the search feature
  • Quickly call up Bible quotations in Eddy’s writings
  • Use “Related Words” to find expanded search results for God, Jesus,
    and Mary Baker Eddy
  • Annotate and highlight your books as you read
  • Compile quotations and citations, then add your own comments
  • Save and organize your citations and notes
  • Prepare readings
  • Play a single verse of Hymns 1–603 in the Hymn Player

Access Concord from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer—with greater ease and efficiency.

Concord Guest Access

As a guest, you have the ability to search, read the text, and create lists of citations, with the exception of the hymnal which has been removed due to copyright restrictions. Please note, the data in your Concord Guest Access sessions only lasts while you are active within Concord. After an hour of inactivity, or you click “exit guest session,” your data will be wiped out. (Concord Guest Access is the default view of Concord from jsh-online.)


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A subscription-based product allows us to better support, develop, and improve the product over time by continually investing revenue back into product development, adding features, fixing bugs, and covering our overhead.